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Online SAT Prep Courses - Pros and Cons

Joe Schwartz

SAT Prep Courses Editor

It’s time to prepare for the SATs and you’re considering whether you should choose online SAT courses as your prep medium. Learn all about the pros and cons

It’s time to start preparing for the SATs and decide whether you should use an online SAT prep course. For those of you who are still debating, here are the pros and cons of using online SAT courses in your college boards prep.

The Pros

◉ Online SAT prep courses are very accessible and allow students to study from the comfort of their own home. These courses are mobile and tablet friendly and have flexible hours, so that students can study anytime and from anywhere.

◉ Online SAT prep courses are relatively more affordable than actual classroom SAT prep courses due to lack of overhead when it comes to rent, classroom maintenance, etc.

◉ Students who choose online SAT prep courses will, more often than not, be able to try a free trial before committing to buy.

◉ Online SAT prep courses offer a very dynamic and intimate learning environment, as well as personal study plans designed to optimize performance.

And now for the Cons

◉ Online SAT prep courses do not allow for any face time with your instructors. Students can interact with their instructors via chat, however, online chat does not measure up to actual one on one time spent with an instructor.

◉ Online SAT prep courses often offer a narrower list of supplementary course materials than actual classroom SAT prep courses do, though they do offer extensive online practice tests and questions.

In summary, online SAT prep courses are not for everyone. However, if you are of the independent sort and would prefer to study at your own pace and from virtually anywhere, while cutting costs on SAT prep, then online SAT prep courses are a recommended choice when preparing for your college boards.

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