How to Choose the Best Online Prep Courses?

Updated for August 2018

Online preparation courses such as online SAT prep courses and online GMAT prep courses can mean the difference between a high score and getting into the college program of your dreams and an unsatisfactory grade and community college.

There are a few ways to go about searching for the best online prep course for you. Typing ‘online prep course’ in Google is one option. However, Google can turn up a countless amount of search results for you to choose from and how could you possibly pick and choose between all of those options? is uniquely designed to afford you the opportunity to compare and contrast the top online prep course providers and to make an informed decision in regards to the best online prep courses for you. By using progressive algorithms, we will recommend the leading online perp courses. The online prep courses we recommend are at the top of their respective fields due to their high quality, usability, exceptional service and competitive prices.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between online prep courses and test prep software, though some service providers do not bother to make that distinction. So make sure that if you are interested in online prep courses and are thinking of purchasing test prep software, that the software includes video test prep classes as well as standardized practice tests and score analysis. If you are only interested in the practicum then standard test prep software will do.

One last thing, when you are looking at online preparation courses be sure to check the course’s success rates, or their grade curve, as it is the surest way of knowing whether the course provides its customers with the necessary tools for success.