How to Survive the SATs - Preparation is Key!

Updated for August 2018

When it comes to surviving the SATs, preparation and practice is the best tactic to employ. If your child is a high school student then it is typically his or her school that is responsible for preparing your child for the SATs. However, getting in a little extra practice and instruction, on top of what your child’s school already provides, may prove worthwhile when your child is trying to prepare for the exam.

In that case, online SAT preparation courses are highly is specifically equipped to help you find the best online SAT and College Board preparation courses by comparing and contrasting online courses and receiving valuable input that will help you make a wise and informed decision.

Online SAT courses or SAT prep software  will provide your child  with in-depth instruction on the SATs, helpful tips on studying for the SATs, practice tests, score analytics  and one-on-one training, all of which will be accessible to your child  from the comfort of your own home.  

In addition to online SAT preparation courses, you can help your child survive the SATs by showing him or her moral support at home, as well as trying to keep the pending exam in proportion in order to reduce your child’s stress level, hopefully resulting in your child being more calm and secure when he or she go to take the test.

Preparation for the SATs may begin at home, but it sure doesn’t end there. When sending your child to take the exam, make sure that he or she has all of the equipment and documentation needed to take the test. Also, pack a very light snack for them, something with high energy like an apple or an energy bar, to ensure that your child stay alert and focused while completing the SATs.